Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17th

I'm sending a shoutout to King of The Jungle Lou Diamond Phillips, who's played Hispanics, Native Americans, Siamese, Eskimo... even British; thus, demonstrating the versatility of the half-Filipino actor. Meanwhile, I get stuck playing medical students, migrant workers, and convenience store clerks. I'm just saying, people...
Anyway, he should have a higher-profile year in 2010, with his new Stargate Universe gig and his autobiography coming out this year. And who knows how he'll do in this year's World Series of Poker League.
He's still Richie Valens to most people, so here's his rendition of a tune from "Camelot":

I vote for him in the next "Highlander" movie. You know they're gonna make one.

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