Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 18

Happy Birthday to my globe-trotting cousin. She's only a few chapters in her story, so it's a little premature to celebrate it in these pages. But she's a legend in the making, assuredly...
Meanwhile, let's talk 21st century troubadours. I've written about a few in this blog, but I even admit there's a peril of sameness to the genre. I mean, a guy with a guitar? Hasn't that been done?
But, Ray LaMontagne... He's the Marvin Gaye of the genre. First of all, he sings. He's got an ethereal tone, rough on the edges, that sounds like a scuffed-up soul. And he can roar with it.
Give a listen to this piece of a BBC4 performance:

UPDATE: apparently, he's got a new album coming out this summer, so here's a song from it. See if you like it:

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