Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 13

David Gray is experiencing something of a reboot in this decade -
[pardon the detour, but we're still in the 00's, right? There's never been a year zero, has there? so each decade starts with 1 and ends with 10... but wouldn't that put 2000 in with the 90's?]
-anyway, David Gray is experiencing something of a reboot these days. He crossed the pond in 1998, the first artist signed to Dave Matthews' record label, and he made a big splash with "Babylon", a post-electric folk song that scaled the pop charts.
This year, he's releasing "Foundling", a double album, picking up where last year's release, "Draw the Line", left off. The band lineup's had a shakeup, he changed record labels, and he's had a chance to build up a reservoir of songs, after spending half a decade on the road. He's also re-releasing "Draw the Line", so it's a good chance to immerse yourself in the new David Gray.
To see if you like it any better than the old Gray, here's a song from "Draw the Line":

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