Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10

I'm a little off schedule, due to a hectic weekend. But I'd feel like playing Dashboard Confessional's "Hands Down" anyway (thanks for being born, Chris Carraba!)

Here's one critic's review, when he ranked it the best alternative song of 2003:
"The song starts like the mind coaching itself through a first date, whispering the things it can't say. The drums rumble like a motorcycle, the guitars jangle like they're supposed to. Then you get to the bridge, and it slows down, and you're enjoying this break as the words exult while you wait for the chorus to return, but instead the song keeps roaring and building; it's not slowing down, it's raising up, it's tearing down walls, it's exploding like fireworks all over the place, it's shifting tectonic plates, someone's turned on the lights all over the universe, shooting stars become as plentiful as bumblebees, herds of humpback whales are soaring out of the water in majestic arcs overhead, Jesus is giving you a hive-five, the Bills have won the Super Bowl, the Bills have won the Super Bowl - all because you are here and she wants you to be here..."
Man, that writer was a genius...

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