Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 23

Since I'm writing from the heart of Kentucky, let me write about a local boy done good: Lee Majors. He was raised in Middleboro (southeast corner of the state) and graduated from Eastern Kentucky University (in Richmond, half hour from me.) His star shined brightest on TV: Big Valley, Six Million Dollar Man, Fall Guy... But one of his movies provides a real-life ghost story in my neighborhood. The 1979 film Steel featured scenes shot at the construction site of today's Kincaid Towers (Central Bank's HQ). They redid the opening high fall so stuntman AJ Bakunus could regain the world record title from a rival. At the reshoot, there was a failure with the airbag landing, and the stuntman died. There are whispers that since the building's completion, the spirit of the stuntman haunts the upper floors.
Enough ghost stories; it's Lee's day! Here's the theme to the Fall Guy, sung by the man himself:

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