Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12

Happy Birthday to Lisa Gerrard, formerly of Dead Can Dance. She's a contralto in the new age vein, which makes her sound like Enya's older (and goth-ier) sister. She's also known for her lyrics; she doesn't write them in English, but in a language she invented when she was 12.
The band dissolved before the 80's did, but she's done alright for herself, thanks to fans such as Tony and Ridley Scott; her vocals haunt the scores of such films as Gladiator, Man on Fire, and Black Hawk Down. She's even done some acting herself.
She also started her own recording label, for her future releases and for other uncategorizable artists (a situation Dead Can Dance could relate with for their entire career.)
Took a while to pick a track that showed off her voice but didn't give away the end of a movie. Here it is, 1995's "Sanvean":

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