Monday, August 17, 2009

Testing, testing...

These are the very first words I've ever posted in a blog; not imaginative enough to remember, I know. But I'm testing how this works. Since you're still reading this, let me introduce myself and this experiment.

I've been looking for something that combines my love of pop culture, music, writing, research of obscure arcana, and the internet. While anticipating the birth of my latest child, I had a discussion with a friend about the ideal birthdate - preferred horoscope signs and such. I'm not entirely convinced about the zodiac (but I'm getting there,) so I thought a list of birthdays of accomplished people might offer some testimony about each day's potential.

At the same time, I've been as inundated as everyone else with celebrity obituaries for Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays... But it was the notice about Willy Deville that got to me. Just another dead punk rocker in the news, but I researched him anyway. And I found this:

He composed the song, and got nominated for an Academy Award for it. And I wouldn't have noticed if he hadn't died and made the news. Who else was I missing, and could I find them before they were just another obituary notice?

So that's what this blog is about: celebrating the under-celebrated. I research a day of the year and try to share the cool, weird, cheesy, or disgusting things I find. It's not the most comprehensive site; if I don't talk about one of your faves, I apologize. But every day, I'll try to post up about some music act you haven't heard of, or haven't thought of in a long time, or never thought of in that particular way. In this way, I hope to give an experience like I've had, reading my favorite blogs, discovering weird and wonderful things.

When my daughter's born, I'll start posting regularly; easier to remember life events that way. More as it happens...

Leroy Grey

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